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Vitruvian Lodge, Ross on Wye

Vitruvian Lodge is the second oldest active Lodge of Freemasons in Herefordshire, having been founded in 1813, with currently just over 50 subscribing members.

We meet on the first Monday of every month 8 times a year, from October through to the following May, in the Ross-on-Wye Masonic Hall, Wilton Road, Ross, HR9 5JA, which we share with Ariconium Lodge, the Kyrle Lodge of Mark Master Masons and Vitruvian Chapter.

In common with all Masonic Lodges, we place a high value on the three grand principles on which Masonry is founded, namely Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. In terms of Brotherly Love, harmony within the Lodge is important to us and we like to think that we are a friendly Lodge, warmly welcoming Masons from other Lodges as well as new members of the Lodge but equally respectful of those who are not Masons. In terms of Relief, charitable giving is also important to us and we actively support national and local charities, but also individuals in need, and, by so doing hope to be, and be seen as, a force for good in the community. As for Truth, not least because any discussion on religious or political subjects is banned within any Masonic Lodge, we treat an individual’s search for truth as a private matter.

All members are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the Lodge and, by so doing, we hope that they will come to appreciate the inner teachings and full value of Freemasonry.

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