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Vaga Lodge, Hereford

Masonry is steeped in history. In Herefordshire one of the first lodges met in 1727 at the Swan & Falcon in Broad Street now the address of Barclays Bank.

From 1717 the procedures laws & rules & regulations of the order were moulded, which led up to 27th Dec 1813 when Grand Lodge was established as the governing body as it is still today.   

Many famous people throughout the years such as Edward VII, Winston Churchill, Lieutenant-Colonel ‘Paddy Mayne DSO’, Christopher Wren, Louis Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Peter Sellers to name but a few were masons.

Vaga lodge (No 3146) was consecrated on Saturday 17th Feb 1906. Its name was derived from Roman occupation where the River Wye was known as the wandering river – Flumen Vaga. Meetings are held throughout the year, seven in total, starting in September whereby a Master of the Lodge is installed (A new master is elected annually). Vaga is a Saturday Lodge and the dates are set as the last Saturday in the months of Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar & April.

The lodge has forty four subscribing members of varying ages, minimum age being twenty one. Members having interests such as fund raising, hiking, cycling, golf, fishing, motorbiking, classic cars, photography, scuba diving & others.

It forms part of the Province of Herefordshire which has fifteen craft lodges. Due to Herefordshire being sparsely populated it is the smallest Province on mainland of the British Isles. Despite this fact the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) fully appreciates the charitable work & hard work carried out by Herefordshire Masons.

Within masonry it gives an individual the opportunity to meet others who they would not normally meet in everyday life. It has a strong & level base with strict morals in that neither religion nor politics are discussed at Lodge meetings. It introduces good life skills, & can be a personal journey for individual lessons learnt which affect public & private life. This depends on what you want to learn from it, it is a Fraternal Organisation.   

Since April 2002, as a member, a quarterly magazine is issued giving more of an insight to other Lodges activities. The funds raised from these are used to support masonic & non masonic causes. Through the Herefordshire Provincial Grand Lodge & Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) process, many local charities such as - Hereford Hospitals, Air Ambulance, St Michael’s Hospice, Riding for the disabled, SSAFA & others have been supported.

The foundation stone for the Obelisk in memory of Admiral Lord Nelson within the Hereford Castle Green was laid by Provincial Grand Lodge & members of other lodges in 1806.  

All of the provinces form part of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) which has recently celebrated it Tercentenary at the Albert Hall. Around the world there are some two hundred Grand Lodges recognised by UGLE, with some two hundred thousand members all having some belief in a superior being. This is explained further during the standard interviewing process for Vaga Lodge.

A visit to Grand Lodge in London is recommended where the museum & library give more detailed history, all masons & non-masons including their families are welcome. It is advisable to book for a tour of the Grand Temple (020-7395-9257).

To contact Vaga Lodge please do so through the Lodge Secretary, by email here

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