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St Peter’s Lodge, Bromyard

The formation of a Masonic Lodge in Bromyard was prompted by the Beeching report to cut the rail links in rural areas thereby preventing Bromyard masons travelling by train to Hereford, Ledbury and Leominster. Preliminary talks were held in 1953 which resulted in the formation of the Saint Peter’s Lodge No 7368 in 1954.

The name of the lodge was taken from Saint Peter’s Church above the door of which is a stone carving of Saint Peter holding the key to the door to Heaven.

The Lodge was consecrated in March 1955 and first met at the Falcon Hotel until in 1980 the present Masonic Temple was acquired and the first ceremony conducted in 1981.

Saint Peter’s membership is primarily comprised of agricultural, artisans and entrepreneurs; and as industry expanded, Saint Peters was able to attract from a wider selection of the local workforce.

The Lodge meets in its own premises, Bromyard Masonic Hall, on the fourth Wednesday of October, November, January, February March (installation) April and May. We have recently moved start time back to 6.30 to enable more time for business men, farmers and younger brethren to attend.

Bromyard being a relatively small town enables us to interact with the community and surrounds, and together with family connections assist us to identify potential candidates.

The Lodge has its own dining facilities and bar which are also used for social events. It also has two adjoining retail units which are rented out and contribute to our funds.

Saint Peter’s has maintained a reputation for the quality and warmth of its ritual together with a welcoming and convivial atmosphere at its festive board and also highly rated for its cuisine.

The Lodge holds a Ladies Evening each year and organise an annual Clay Pigeon Shoot Competition which attracts both mason and non-mason contestants.

The Lodge, supported by a dedicated lodge of instruction, encourages the light blues to participate in its ceremonies, and progress though the offices towards the chair of King Solomon.

Through the collection of Alms and funds from social events the Lodge supports many local charities including Bromyard Hospital, Riding for the Disable, Bromyard Rugby for Girls & Boys Club, Bromyard Christmas Lights, Bromyard First Responders and Bromyard League of Friends.

Ideal Candidate

A candidate should be over 21, with a belief in a Supreme Being and seen as seeking to reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things.

His values should be based on honesty, integrity, fairness and kindness and must not look to gain financial or pecuniary advantages but working together s a team enjoying .association with like-minded men towards a common goal.

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