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Coningsby Lodge, Hereford

Coningsby Lodge No.6383 in the Province of Herefordshire meets on the first Tuesday of each month from October to May. Meetings normally start at 6pm., except for the Installation of the new Master of the Lodge in December, which begins at 4.30pm. Traditionally February is a Burns Night, whilst March is a Welsh Night.

Coningsby Lodge name derives from a distinguished Herefordshire barony whose former seat was Hampton Court. It was consecrated in December 1946, and initially its membership was primarily drawn from the police. Although no longer the case the Lodge still attracts a significant number of its membership from those who are or have been members of the armed or security forces, who welcome the formality and order within the Lodge, coupled with good comradeship, whilst members also include gentlemen of a wide variety of backgrounds, who appreciate the duality of well conducted formalities and friendly atmosphere. Its membership is reasonably constant at 40-plus, with members ages ranging from early 30’s to 80-plus. Its average age of 53 is the lowest in the Province.

Coningsby Lodge retains a strong tradition of accurate and meaningful ritual. New members are expected to participate within the Lodge within their first full year. To support this the Lodge has a strong Lodge of Instruction, which meets on the second Thursday and fourth Wednesday from September to April. The Lodge endeavours to support all its new members to progress to ultimately become Master of the Lodge, and to maximize their Masonic involvement and experience in this or other directions.

The Lodge keenly supports a variety of local charities, raising funds from Lodge and social events. These include local hospices, medical charities, SSAFA, Riding for the Disabled and Teddies for Loving Care.

Ideal Candidate

We would encourage any man over 21, with ‘strict morals and upright intentions’ and with a belief in a Supreme Being, to contact us. We will also welcome any existing Freemason looking to join a new Lodge. As with all Freemasonry, neither religion nor politics are discussed at meetings. We seek as members those who fully understand the financial and time commitments, can regularly attend at Lodge meetings and who wish to contribute to the life and work of the Lodge itself. We are particularly interested in candidates who can enhance our reputation for the ceremonial aspects of Freemasonry.

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