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Cantilupe Lodge, Hereford

Cantilupe Lodge BannerTo all interested men wishing to join Freemasonry: There are several thousand Masonic Lodges distributed around the world. You could consider it to be the largest international “fraternity” that exists. Once you become a Freemason you have the authority to visit every single one of those Lodges – thereby making you a member of the largest club in the world. There are 47 Masonic Provinces in the UK – and Herefordshire is the smallest Province with 16 Lodges situated around the Shire.

But, at this time, you really do not understand very much about Freemasonry. You’ve heard it mentioned by others. A family member was possibly involved. Probably friends of yours, who are Freemasons, have initiated a desire for you to be part of this fraternity. But where do you start?

So who are we – what is Cantilupe Lodge.

Formed almost 100 years ago in the Cloisters of Hereford Cathedral, we took our name from Saint Thomas de Cantilupe whose shrine is maintained within the Cathedral. This does not imply that we have any religious connection with the Cathedral – it’s just the name of the Lodge.

Of the 6 City based Lodges, meeting at the Masonic Hall in Kyrle Street, Cantilupe currently has the largest membership. Several members have served or are serving in uniformed roles, [HM Forces / Police / etc.]. Many others operate as self employed businessmen and members who aren’t retired work locally, or in some cases, internationally.

But the common thread running through the whole membership is a positive attitude towards patriotism; integrity; friendship and a general desire to assist and support those with a “broken wing”. Membership of the Lodge creates strong friendships and we benefit from these friendships by devising social events and functions which binds us together.

It’s a platform for the individual members to improve themselves; combine in the pursuit of support for those determined to be in need of that support and, generally, to have a lot of fun whilst doing it.

Contrary to several misconceptions Freemasonry is not a “secretive” organisation. We wear our badge with pride.

Come and join us!

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